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First SUNDANCE Native Forum - 1994 FILM FESTIVAL




Larry Cesspooch received his Associate’s Degree in Communications Media from “the Institute of American Indian Arts” in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 73-75. He went onto “the Anthropology Film Center,” also in Santa, 76-77. Carroll and Joan Williams were Co-Directors. He focused his studies on Advanced Audio and started his own sound business, “White Buffalo Sound.” He moved back to his Ute Reservation in 1979 and established the “Ute Tribe Audio-Visual,” known as the oldest tribal production group in the United States.

Left to Right: Norman Brown, Navajo Filmmaker; Ute Elder, Henry Cesspooch, “Ute Bear Dance Story” Actor; Robert Redford, Sundance Institute Director; Tantoo Cardinal, Canadian Actress; Ava Hamilton, Arapaho Filmmaker; Alanis Alexie, Canadian Filmmaker; Larry Cesspooch, Ute Filmmaker; Steve, Comanche, Native Forum Coordinator.


Ute Tribe the Ute Bear Dance Story

Left to Right: Norman Brown, Navajo Filmmaker; Steve ___, Comanche, Sundance Native Forum Coordinator; Beverly Singer, _____ Filmmaker; Larry Cesspooch, Ute Filmmaker; ______; Alanis Alexie, Canadian Filmmaker and Tantoo Cardinal, Canadian actress.


The Ute Tribe Audio-Visual’s

“The Ute Bear Dance Story as told by Henry Cesspooch” was screened at the First Native Forum - 1994 Sundance Film Festival.

Their claymation used historical footage, and live action with Henry Cesspooch, oldest Bear Dance Chief, telling his grandson Skyler Lomaheftewa the Bear Dance story.

Urshel Tohannie, Assistant Director co-produced the film.


Robert Redford and Larry Cesspooch

Left: Larry with Robert Redford

Right: Larry & Good Friend Ken Brecher, Executive Director Sundance Institute have been friends for years.

Larry Cesspooch and Ken Brecher

In Front of the Camera...

Sam Vlahos, Larry Cesspooch, Sundance Resort, Ute Tribe


Teaching Filmmaking

Larry Cesspooch teaches filmmaking

Larry Cesspooch teaches filmmaking

Ute Filmmaker, Larry Cesspooch taught filmmaking and media classes the last five years for the “Connections After School” program at West Jr. High, Uintah School District, Fort Duchesne, Utah.

Larry Cesspooch teaches filmmaking

Utes return to south Dakota
Utes return to Eagle Butte, South Dakota after 100 Years. Both tribes worked to reconnect and the Utes took care of their deceased relatives buried there.

Ute and Dakota Nation

Ute and Dakota Nation


Uinta River High School

Uinta River High School


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